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Mortgage Lenders

Alliant Credit Union

1200 Associates Dr.
Dubuque, IA 52002
563.585.3737 phone
Mortgage Officer:
Rob Coutchie

Collins Community Credit Union

4855 Asbury Rd.
Dubuque, IA 52002

Mortgage Officers:

Janelle Nickolas

Jessy Williams


Dubuque Bank & Trust

1398 Central Ave.
P.O. Box 778
Dubuque, IA 52004-0778

Whether your family is growing and you need a bigger place with more space or you are looking to purchase your first home, one of our knowledgeable mortgage professionals will listen carefully to your plans and review your situation to match you with the best financing option available. Dubuque Bank and Trust offers many fixed-rate and adjustable rate home loan options  which include affordable FHA, VA, IFA and Rural Housing financing as well as conventional mortgages and our own portfolio loans.  Make the first move and give us a call today to learn more about mortgage loan options from Dubuque Bank & Trust, where Great Things Happen™. Apply online at or give us a call to set-up an appointment!

Dupaco Community Credit Union

3999 Pennsylvania Ave.
Dubuque, IA 52002
800.373.7600 ext. 204

At Dupaco Community Credit Union, our full-service Real Estate Department will move you with great rates, prompt, efficient service and a mortgage that’s designed to fit your needs. First-time homebuyer? Dupaco was recognized as the number one FirstHome lender in the tri-state area by the Iowa Finance Authority. Apply for your loan online at or in person. Evening and in-home appointments also available!

DuTrac Community Credit Union

2045 Holliday DR.
P.O. Box 3250
Dubuque, IA 52004-3250

Whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing your existing home, a DuTrac Mortgage is designed to be built from the ground up. It’s not a pre-packaged, one size fits all mortgage…but instead, a DuTrac Mortgage offers a variety of types and terms, giving the home financing process real curb appeal to your clients.

DuTrac’s real estate lending experts work with you to build a DuTrac Mortgage tailored to your client’s needs. Add DuTrac’s national recognition as being the “Best of the Best” in mortgage servicing and you’ve got a blueprint for home financing success.

–       Conventional
–       First Time Homebuyer
–       Construction
–       Commercial

Fidelity Bank & Trust

4250 Asbury Rd.
Dubuque, IA 52002

Mortgage Officers:

Lisa Wittman

4250 Asbury Rd. 

Dubuque, IA 52002

Jim Knabel


242 Wall St.

East Dubuque, IL 61025

Home town banking at Fidelity Bank & Trust.

We offer competitive interest rates & low closing costs. Call today to obtain a free re-approval. See our website for more information on products and services available.

Green State Credit Union

Robin McEnany


Guaranteed Rate Mortgage 

2600 Dodge St. Suite D

Dubuque, IA 52003



Midwest One Bank

895 Main Street
P.O. Box 938
Dubuque, IA 52004-0938

Mortgage Officers:

Gary Keleher 563.589.0807  ext. 808

Megan McAllister 563.589.0807 ext. 832

Kathy Kahle 563-585-5705

Joe McKenna 563-589-0989

Midwest One has a wide range of mortgage loan programs designed to help you buy or build a home. From first time homebuyer to pre-approvals and construction loans, we can help make your dream a reality. Our mortgage professionals make financing affordable and easy. We’ll explain all of your options,and provide step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process. Contact us today!

Movement Mortgage

210 Jones St. Suite 204

Dubuque, IA 52001

Mortgage Officer:

Ellen Sinkey


Premier Bank
1975 John F. Kennedy Rd.
Dubuque, IA 52002
563.588.1000 main number
Mortgage Officers:
Tracy Schaul ext 212
Now offering FHA Loans, First time homebuyer loans, Fast-free pre-approvals.

U.S. Bank

270 W. 7th

Dubuque, IA 52001

Mortgage Officers:

Janet L Schauff


Beth McMullen


Ruhl Mortgage
600 Star Brewery, Suite 300
Dubuque, IA 52001

Mortgage Officers:
Sara Lindecker